*Our organic fresh products can be purchased at our stores located in Kennedy Town, Caine Road, and Sai Ying Pun. Please watch this space as we will soon be able to deliver fresh products to your door.

Organic Fresh Product List

Organic Cherry Tomatoes 400g ($58)

Organic Broccoli 300g ($42)

Organic Carrots 400g ($40)

Organic Cauliflower 750g ($45)

Organic Celery 500g ($45)

Organic Cucumber 500g ($58)

Organic Beetroot 500g ($55)

Organic Ginger 100g ($20)

Organic Lemon (3pcs.) ($50)

Organic Garlic ($35)

Organic Onion 400g ($35)

Organic Potato 500g ($40)

Organic Chili Peppers 50g ($30)

Organic Salad Mix 250g ($38)

Organic Capsicum (mix color) 400g ($50)

Organic Sweet Potato 400g ($45)

Organic Zucchini 500g ($48)

Organic Red Gala Apple (1pc) ($18)

Organic Granny Smith Apple (1pc) ($18)

Organic Avocado (1pc) ($30)

Organic Orange (1pc) ($20)

Organic Banana Bunch ($78)

Organic Lime (1pc.) ($15)

Organic Non GMO Firm Tofu ($60)